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Talking Therapy

What can you hope for in therapy?
The purpose of 'talking therapy' is not to give advice but to help you understand yourself better and make changes if you wish.... or possibly be more accepting of yourself. Perhaps you've not been able to realise your hopes and dreams. Disappointments and frustrations sometimes feel too much to bear. Talking about your life, your work, your family and close relationships may help to gain a new perspective. People come to therapy for many different reasons - what is important to you is what matters.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
Many people question the difference between 'counselling' and 'psychotherapy' and you will find complex explanations. My view is simple.... counselling tends to address a specific problem you might want to talk about and psychotherapy tries to help you address more deep seated difficulties that seem to keep reoccurring in your life. I offer open-ended counselling and psychodynamic therapy based on the idea that your past experiences may be influencing how you currently live your life and relate to others. I can also offer short-term counselling to address your issues over an agreed number of weeks or months.

However, evidence seems to show the quality of the relationship between the counsellor and the client is very important. Therefore, the best approach is for us to meet one another. This is to see if things feel right for you and for me to think how I can help you.

An initial consultation can be arranged by phoning 07484 222175 (with 24 hour voicemail). This is my confidential number for my consulting room. Or click here to email me.

There any many different 'talking therapies' or 'talking treatments' and Mind offers a very good booklet on this topic. You can also find out more from NHS Choices as their website includes a short video.

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